Begin your journey to effectively address IC/BPS by enrolling in the Complete IC Basics Course. Bid farewell to the frustration, expenses, and uncertainty of managing interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS). This comprehensive 8-week online course offers an affordable roadmap to reclaiming your health and well-being. Crafted by those who deeply comprehend IC, it revolves around the six pillars of health, simplifying the process of discovering natural, personalized solutions. You'll acquire knowledge, tools, resources, and unwavering support to confront IC confidently. Dive into understanding root causes, managing flare-ups, addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, exploring the mind-body connection, stress management techniques, customizing an elimination diet, and much more. Your health matters, so invest today!! It's time to get your life back.

About this course

The Complete IC Basics Course is a flexible 8-week online program offering lifelong access to a wealth of knowledge. This comprehensive course equips you with the necessary tools and insights to take command over your interstitial cystitis journey, ultimately enhancing your health and well-being. The course comprises nine modules presented by five instructors through video lectures and informative slides. Additionally, it includes a plethora of bonus materials, such as at-home pelvic floor exercises, IC-specific yoga routines, stress management techniques, recommendations for essential tests, and a section on creating an elimination diet tailored to your individual needs. For a limited time, with your course purchase, you will also receive The IC Wellness Mastermind Bundle, which encompasses The Complete IC Diet Cookbook, How I Got My Life Back, Sip & Thrive, and the 10-Day IC Reset Cookbook (Digital copies). Take advantage of this limited-time offer. Secure all the essential resources you need to confront IC and regain control of your health.


Pelvic Physical Therapist

Amy Bock, PT, DPT

Dr. Amy Bock is a licensed physical therapist who dedicates her practice to the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and advocacy for pelvic health and wellness. She holds her pelvic health certification through the Providence Institute of Practice, Education, and Research (PIPER) and loves blending pelvic floor and orthopedic physical therapy to provide evidence-based care for her patients. As a pelvic health specialist, Amy works with individuals who have pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary/fecal incontinence, prenatal and postpartum care, pain with intercourse, pelvic pain (IC/PBS/PN), and much more. She searches for each individuals' root cause of pelvic dysfunction and understands pelvic health and healing are often linked to mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Currently, Amy is involved with advocacy for improving postpartum care and is building an online blog resource for pelvic health physical therapy.

Naturopathic Doctor

Carley Akehurst, ND

Dr. Carley Akehurst is a Naturopathic Doctor with a decade of clinical experience living and working in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Akehurst works hard to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and evidence-based care for her patients. A contributor to Let Them Eat Dirt and The Ultimate Postpartum Handbook, Dr. Akehurst also enjoys participating in community education. She believes that doctors play an important role as teachers, educating and empowering patients to achieve balance in their own lives. In her practice, Dr. Akehurst emphasizes integrating foundational scientific knowledge and modern research with the traditional philosophies and practices of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Akehurst is educated in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, immune dysfunction, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalance, and stress and fatigue. She has a strong passion for family medicine, especially fertility, pregnancy, women's health, and children's health. Most recently, Dr. Akehurst has become certified in immunizations through the BCCDC and is working on her next book contribution.

Health Psychologist

Sula Windgassen, PhD, MSc

Dr. Sula Windgassen works in the NHS as a health psychologist and senior cognitive-behavioral therapist working with people with long-term health conditions and axis I mental health disorders. Sula completed her health psychology doctoral training and Ph.D. in psychological medicine at King’s College London, publishing research papers on the role of psychological factors in irritable bowel syndrome. She has collaborated in designing, developing, and assessing psychological interventions for a range of physical health conditions, including IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, and painful bladder syndromes. Approaches incorporated in the interventions she works with include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and compassion focussed therapy. Sula has experienced the impact of persistent bladder and pelvic symptoms and is a passionate advocate for women’s health. She is currently pursuing research focusing on psychological and social factors in pelvic health and developing health psychology approaches for this.



Elisabeth Yaotani

After being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis at the age of twenty-nine, Elisabeth realized she needed to make significant dietary and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of her illness and end her suffering. Having conquered debilitating pain and exhaustion, she has become a source of hope and inspiration for many others suffering from interstitial cystitis and other chronic conditions. She wrote How I Got My Life Back; My Journey with Interstitial Cystitis and co-authored the companion book The Complete IC Diet Cookbook book to inspire others to take action and get their lives back! Elisabeth Yaotani is the founder of IC Wellness, an online resource dedicated to helping others in their battle with interstitial cystitis, and the host of the IC Wellness Podcast.

Integrative & Functional Nutritionist

Brianne Thornton, MS, RD

While working as a clinical dietitian, Brianne realized the need for specialized training to identify and address the root cause of disease in her patients. This led her to earn a Master of Science (MS) in Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN). As an integrative and functional nutritionist, she is trained to identify and remove barriers that prevent healing, including diet, physical activity, hydration, stress, sleep, and mindset. Utilizing MRT food sensitivity testing, elimination diets, supplements, and various mind-body therapies, Brianne develops a personalized plan tailored to each client's specific needs. Recognizing the need for nourishing yet delicious meals for those with IC, she co-authored The Complete IC Diet Cookbook and is a nutrition consultant for IC Wellness.


Awesome Course!

Tara B.

The IC Basics course was so incredibly helpful to me. It was beyond basic and went into depth on so many levels of why we might struggle with IC. I was able to learn about root causes, healing the gut and even how anxiety and fear all play a part in our struggles with bladder pain. One of the most helpful tips was from Elisabeth who explained how we might be in pain as we start out our journey more than we’ll feel healing. But that’s normal and part of the process. That was so helpful for me to accept as many supplements and plans I’ve tried have hurt which caused me to give up. Now I’ve been working on 3 weeks of supplements which I’ve slowly learned to tolerate. There are so many great teachers and resources as well! Thank you so much for this course!! It truly is a blessing.

Comprehensive, Encouraging and Informative!

Emily H.

This course is the real deal!! This changed my life and gave me so many incredible and helpful resources. I learned so much about a healthy diet and lifestyle changes that have really given me hope in my own journey. Additionally, the pelvic physical therapy section was so informative. I have already begun using the techniques and have noticed an improvement in my IC symptoms. I look forward to diving into the recipes and I can’t wait for any future content! I am so grateful to Elisabeth and the entire team for providing such an amazing resource to the IC community.

IC Basics Course

Vanessa B.

This course is an extremely comprehensive and well-thought-out action plan for anyone suffering from IC, BPS, pelvic floor dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases. It encompasses this condition on all levels including, diet, lifestyle, toxins, detox, related autoimmune disease/symptoms, chronic infections, hormones, stress, and the mind-body connection, supplements, tips for a flare, gut health. There are many resources given that you can save and use at your convenience. It also includes several diets to try out. As someone that has struggled with this issue, I know this course will be something I reference often to aid me along my healing journey.

Best Resource For Someone With New Diagnosis

Andrea T.

I wish that I had encountered this course when I was newly diagnosed with IC. It should really be your first stop before doing anything super invasive, like surgery or instillations that may cause more harm. The main message is about getting the body back in balance, as IC can be a collection of issues that indicate overall disharmony. There is a ton of information about IC itself, including causes and treatment options. There are also a lot of useful tools like meal plans and food lists. It's amazing that this incredible acumen of knowledge exists.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Disclaimer

    • About this course

    • IC Definition and Symptoms

    • The 6 Pillars of Health

    • The Complete IC Basics Symptom Tracker

    • References

  • 2

    Tame the Toxins

    • It's Time to Take Action

    • Detox Support

    • Detox Guide

    • Clean Eating

    • Clean Beauty

    • The Problem May Be Mold

    • Clean Living Product Recommendations

    • References

  • 3

    The IC Diet

    • Introduction

    • IC Diet Myths: Fact or Fiction

    • Developing a Personalized IC Diet

    • Food Fear + Mindset

    • Clean Eating

    • Gut Healing

    • Elimination Diet

    • Low Histamine Diet

    • Low Histamine Diet Protocol

    • Low Histamine Meal Plan

    • Low Oxalate Diet

    • Low Oxalate Diet Protocol

    • Low Oxalate Meal Plan

    • Low FODMAP Diet

    • Low FODMAP Diet Protocol

    • Low FODMAP Meal Plan

    • Autoimmune Paleo Diet

    • Autoimmune Paleo Diet Protocol

    • Autoimmune Paleo Meal Plan

    • Food + Symptom Tracker

    • Food Sensitivity Testing

    • Getting More Support

    • References

  • 4

    Heal Your Gut

    • Gut Health: An Overview

    • Gut Health: Testing and Treatments

    • Diving Deeper Into Gut Health

    • 4 Causes of Leak Gut

    • Identifying Gut Infections

    • How To Treat Leaky Gut

    • References

  • 5

    Pelvic Physical Therapy

    • Introduction

    • ICW Get Evaluated.pdf

    • ICW Get Evaluated (2)

    • Pelvic Floor 101

    • ICW Get Evaluated (3)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (4)

    • 4 Functions of the Pelvic Floor

    • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & IC

    • ICW Get Evaluated (5)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (6)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (7)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (8)

    • The Potential Root Cause of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    • ICW Get Evaluated (9)

    • Potential Causes of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    • Get Evaluated by a Pelvic Physical Therapist

    • ICW Get Evaluated (10)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (11)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (12)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (13)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (14)

    • ICW Get Evaluated (15)

    • Items To Bring to Your Next MD or PT Visit

    • Self-Care for YOUR Pelvic Floor

    • ICW Get Evaluated (16)

    • Self-care for your pelvic floor

    • Home Self-Care Breathing and Stretching

    • Urinary Norms and Urge Strategies

    • What if Sex is Painful?

    • Guided Yoga Stretches to Help Help Reduce IC Symptoms

    • ICW Get Evaluated (17)

    • References

  • 6

    Bladder Health

    • Bladder Health: 101

    • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

    • Histamine Intolerance

    • Mastocytosis

    • The Estrogen Connection

    • The GAG Layer

    • Antiproliferative factor (APF)

    • pH?

    • Autoimmunity

    • Biofilms

    • Chronic UTIs

    • The Microbiome

    • Complementary and Alternative Therapies for IC

    • Men and IC

    • Testing for Root Causes

    • Support During a Flare

    • References

  • 7

    Relieve Stress

    • A BioPsychoSocial Understanding of IC

    • The Psychological Journey in IC

    • Safety Behaviours in IC

    • The Role of Emotions in IC

    • Processing Our Emotions

    • The Role of Thoughts in IC

    • The Importance of Positive Emotions

    • Forgiveness

    • Guided Journaling for Wellness

  • 8

    Restore Balance

    • Restore Balance: Hormone Health

    • Tips for Balancing Your Hormones

    • The Healing Power of Sleep

    • Exercise Your Way to Better Health

    • Self-Care 30-day Calendar

    • Teas for Wellness

    • Supplement Guide

    • References

  • 9

    Moving Forward

    • First Things First

    • Build the Right Team

    • How to Communicate with Your Doctor

    • Staying Connected

    • Join The Complete IC Basics Facebook Group

    • The IC Wellness Podcast

  • 10

    Bonus Material

    • 20 Minute Vinyasa Flow

    • Guided Meditation & Breath Work

    • Weekly Meal Planner

    • Grocery List

    • 3-Day Candida Diet Meal Plan

    • Hands-On Fascial Clock For Your Abdomen

Bonus material

Enroll in the Complete IC Basics Course today to gain access to exclusive bonus materials that will further enhance your understanding and support on your journey to managing IC/BPS effectively

  • Bonus material

    30-day guided journaling workbook, resources to help you manage your stress, IC recipes

  • Bonus material

    Symptom log, elimination diet guide with recipes for each diet, supplement recommendations, flareup management tips and tricks

  • Bonus material

    yoga videos for pelvic floor dysfunction, guided meditation and breath-work video, doctors visit questionnaire, and so much more


  • Is this course right for you?

    This course is for anyone who has been diagnosed with IC/BPS and is ready to address the root cause of their symptoms, find a true solution for health and get their life back.

  • How will this online course help you?

    Healing is a process and it takes hard work! This step-by-step course makes it as easy as possible for you to uncover the true root cause of your IC/BPS, and utilize proven strategies to support your health and wellness.

  • How long is the course?

    We designed this 8-hour self-paced course so that you can start whenever you want and move at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

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